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If you are looking to enter a bodybuilding competition with the arrival of the summer season, make Burner Max 6000 a part of your diet to strengthen your body. Its revolutionary ingredients will not only give you the necessary strength, but also protect you against the harmful effects of different chemicals.

Spectacular results with BURNER MAX 6000

Burner Max 6000 is a fat burning supplement created exclusively for men. Having a special combination of safe, healthy ingredients, the supplement can help you burn excess fat and maintain your physique. It can give you the energy you need to follow your exercise routine and reach your workout goals.

Get rid of extra fat around your waist with Burner Max 6000. Considered the best fat burning formula in the United States, Burner Max 6000 can help you get the six packs of abdominal muscle you've always dreamed of. Boost your energy and testosterone levels with Burner Max 6000 to get the results you've been waiting for.

What are the advantages of BURNER MAX 6000?

Each serving of Burner Max 6000 is made up of 6000mg of active ingredients. Try this effective supplement to witness great changes in your overall health. Each bottle of Max Burner contains 120 tablets. A single bottle gives you a cure of 45 days. Start taking this supplement today to burn unwanted fat and achieve your desired body shape.

Dosage and composition of BURNER MAX 6000

Burner Max 6000 should be used as a dietary supplement. Take one tablet three times a day with a good diet.Continue to use this supplement for 6-8 weeks for long lasting results.

A single bottle of Burner Max 6000 consists of 120 capsules. A single serving (one tablet) consists of:

-Vinpocetine 5mg

-Theobromine 99% 40mg

-Guggul lipid 50mg

-Camelia Sinensis – Green Tea 100mg

-Citrus Aurantium 250mg

-Glucoronolactone 300mg

-Caffeine 300mg

-L-Tyrosine 500mg

-L-carnitine 500mg


-Keep out of the reach of children.

-If you are using other medications, consult your doctor before using this supplement.

-Consult your health expert if you have a medical problem.

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